There are several fun elements that you can incorporate into your winter wedding tablescape to make it  memorable and reflect your unique style. Below I've listed a few of my ideas of winter wedding tablescapes for you to explore. Any suggestions? Feel free to let me know!

Greenery&Natural Elements

 You can make your tablescape a collection of bright greenery (like fern or pine) or a darker, moodier setting with succulents and eucalyptus. Adding antlers or leaves also had some interest. 


Incorporating wood elements into your tablescape is a great way to create a rustic tone for your wedding. You can use slices of wood as table mats or centerpieces.  

RedBerries & Tartan

Going for a classic, sophisticated look? Mixing patterns such as tartan and blue china create an interesting contrast. You also can use fruits such as pomegranates or berries to add texture. 

Gold, Gold & More Gold

Because who really doesn't love at least some gold accents on a winter tablescape? Whether you'd like something light and airy or something with more contrast, you can look to silverware or glassware to add gold accents. 

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