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#throwbackthursday: Cherry Blossoms & Japan

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#throwbackthursday: Cherry Blossoms & Japan


Today I'm remembering my incredible trip to Japan, which was exactly 1 year ago! My brother, Seth is currently living there and treated me to a trip as a graduation gift/gift to cover pretty much any future birthdays or christmases. I was lucky in that it was Japan's cherry blossom season when I was in Japan and then DC's when I returned so I had a long time with lots of beauty. I spent about 3 weeks with my brother traveling between his home in Atsugi, where the Navy Base is (he's a Weapons Systems Officer on the F-18 Super Hornet with the VFA-102 Diamondbacks) and his apartment in Tokyo, as well a trip out to Kyoto. I spent the trip in a walking boot, having broken my foot and ankle in 4 places which was annoying, but it wasn't going to stop me!

Enjoy this little picture story of my adventures!

My brother flew in from Guam via Australia the day after I arrived in Japan- it was awesome watching the jets arrive back.

An F-18 Super Hornet from the Diamondback's hangar

A temple & cherry blossom's in Kyoto

Prayers tied to trees at a temple.

Lanterns at a shrine

The "menu" at a lot of restaurants are faux replicas of the dishes

Beautiful, traditional Sake presentation

My brother and his roommate & fellow WSO, Dan

The Golden Temple in Kyoto

Torii (traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine)

At Shin's Sushi in Atsugi/Yama province - Shin is a huge supporter of the Navy guys & serves some of the best sushi in Japan. These crabs were flash fried.

Cherry Blossoms over a canal

Spicy Ramen at 3 or 4am was typical after a trip to Gioronimo's Shot Bar

Traditional Japanese picture pose!


Now who wants ramen??!! Let's go!!

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#throwbackthursday : All the Places I've Lived


#throwbackthursday : All the Places I've Lived


As a Navy brat growing up I moved quite a bit; I was born in Newport, RI, we moved to Iceland where my brother Seth was born, then to Monterey ,CA, Woodbridge, VA, Virginia Beach, Burke, VA, Virginia Beach... I went to Harrisonburg, VA to go to JMU for college, back to Virginia Beach, to Elizabeth City, NC, back to Virginia Beach...  So, apparently I live a bit of a nomadic life. Since moving to DC, I've continued this habit. Today I'm looking back on all the places I've lived since moving to DC!

August 2010 - October 2011: The Radio Gypsy When I first moved to DC in August of 2010 I spent most of my time on my then-boyfriend's boat at the southwest waterfront at the Gangplank Marina. 20140227-025048.jpg



October 2010 to February 2011 : Studio Apartment in Pentagon City  I then moved into the studio apartment (of the guy who bought my ex's boat) in Pentagon City. This was my first apartment by myself and I LOVED it! 20140227-025339.jpg


February 2011 - February 2012 : Two-Bedroom in Pentagon City In February I moved down the hall into a two-bedroom apartment with my sweet friend & co-worker Jenny (and her 2 cats Lucky & Fiddler). 20140227-025631.jpg


20140227-030138.jpg  20140227-030145.jpg 20140227-030153.jpg

February 2012 - May 2013 : H Street I then moved to H Street (3rd St) to a one-bedroom English Basement. I had a great desk area built-in which was great as I ended up going back to school while living here. Not good - spending 5 months on crutches & a walking boot while living in a basement apartment.




May 2013 - November 2013 : Casa Azul (3-bedroom in Shaw) I moved into a beautiful house in a Shaw with a couple friends.





November 2013 - Current : Basement Apartment in Truxton Circle And finally, my current place! I currently live back in a basement in a neighborhood called Truxton Circle (basically between Shaw, NoMa, & Bloomingdale). I have a cozy one-bedroom that I sometimes share with my foster dogs. 20140227-030914.jpg






Reflecting on Throwback Thursday

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Reflecting on Throwback Thursday


photo credit: 1. my mom 2. Leigh Burnette Photography I love the idea of Throwback Thursday and have been participating off and on via my Instagram  (@SincerelyPete) for a few months. I enjoy looking back on where I was a year ago or 5 years ago.  I love looking at the pictures (and asking myself what was I thinking with that outfit?!), but even more so, it's interesting to reflect on who I was, where I was and what my mindset was at that time compared to where I am now.

I recently celebrated my 30th Birthday (a post about that party will happen soon!) and was doing quite a bit of reflecting on the path my life has taken, where I thought I'd be at 30 years old and how happy I am that my experiences have made me the person I am today.  I've had some serious struggles to overcome in my life made some "bad' decisions. But who hasn't? 

Here's the best thing about your past: it's brought you to where you are today and from here, you can go anywhere! I think it's important to take time to reflect on all my life experiences, the good and the bad, to see what the lesson is moving forward. Sometimes it's simple. For example, I want to lose weight so I start a diet and see some great results... then I eat a box a petit fours for my birthday and gain several pounds. The lesson? Simple. Moderation in all things, especially petit fours. 

happy birthday to me!

Sometimes it's not so easy. Relationships (of all kinds) tend to be real thought provokers for me. Honest reflections on behaviors can be difficult, but truly powerful. Because relationships are basically emotional entities, and we never want to blame ourselves for their failure, they can be especially hard to find the lesson behind. Take your time! Sometimes a lesson can't be revealed immediately. I have an ex-husband and a couple ex-boyfriends that I have sat and thought on the lessons they were supposed to teach me for years! Slowly I find those lessons revealed in new relationships and my ability to see how I want to be treated or how I want to act. (During this process I've also realized I've learned a lot about patience).

What are your thoughts on #tbt? Share below!

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