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#TuesdayBoozeday: Sparkle Lounge and the Food & Wine Festival

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#TuesdayBoozeday: Sparkle Lounge and the Food & Wine Festival


This year I was graciously invited to The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center's  Sparkle Lounge, a showcase event for the venue. This year's Winter Lodge theme was beautifully executed. I had a blast at Booth-o-Rama's photo booth, drinking champagne, eating s'mores and hanging out with a whole bunch of super fun event industry friends. The event was originally supposed to be on Thursday, Feb. 13th but due to the snow storm actually took place on Valentine's Day and it really was a great way to spend the day as a single girl. Did I mention the event turned into the kick-off for the Washington DC International Food & Wine Festival? Oh yes. :)

Here are some pictures from the event!

The scene as you walked into Sparkle Lounge


of course Max Major whipped out a few card tricks and blew my mind.

The event had a winter lodge theme complete with a moose over the fireplace (there were also s'mores!)

After the reception, guests were invited to two tasting rooms- one for wine & one for liquor

Rose infused punch

This liquor won best sign in my book :)

Orange Creamsicle & Raspberry Mint cocktails from Svedka Vodka

Ice Luge! (the drink was actually pretty bitter & awful)... sorry!

Vodka & Bourbon mix- favorite things separately. Terrible idea together.

My favorite beverage was a Mexican Hot Chocolate using Patron XO Cafe Dark

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Quote of the Day: #TuesdayBoozeday - Tuesday Night Drinking Club


Quote of the Day: #TuesdayBoozeday - Tuesday Night Drinking Club


I run a happy hour club here in the city called the Tuesday Night Drink Club (or TNDC). We're not exclusive, but we also try to keep our membership organic- friends of friends of friends.... I fondly call us the Band of Misfit Children simply because we are composed of so many different people doing so many different things with our lives. The one thing we all have in common though is that we find great joy in getting together each Tuesday to enjoy each others company, have a few drinks, engage in meaningful conversations and to help save each other's sanity in this crazy city. I inherited this group from a friend of mine who started it with a group of people she interned with years ago who had suddenly all found themselves back in the city. The first few gatherings inspired her to start an email list, which I took over when she went off to UVA Law School. Each week I choose a different bar in DC (and sometimes Arlington) for the group to meet at. Sometimes there's trivia, sometimes karaoke. Sometimes there are 30 people and on one occasion I found myself alone for an evening of BOGO at DC Reynolds (if you plan to end up alone at a bar, BOGO and DC Reynolds are both highly recommended.) People come and go as they tend to in this transient city with a core group always happy for a new face, a new story and a new bar.

For the two years I've been organizing the group, I've had little gifties made at the holidays. Last year I designed huggers (aka coozies):

IMG_0013     IMG_0014

This year, I designed glasses (I also always bring decorations to the bar for the TNDC prior to Christmas- a little holiday spirit never hurt!) using today's Quote of the Day:



Hope you get to enjoy your beverage of choice tonight too!!