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What Will Inspire You Today?


What Will Inspire You Today?


20140204-095849.jpg As a person who has spent her life in & out and around & about all different types of creative experiences and ventures, I'm always interested in what inspires people. This goes much further than just artists, designers and musicians and spans to politicians (though I didn't care as much about this until moving to DC!), humanitarians, and people in all different walks of life.

What drives you? What are you passionate about? What, ultimately, makes you the best version of yourself? How do you do it everyday?

Life becomes distracting, redirecting the energy we wish we were spending on our passions to activities that we prioritize to simply live life (i.e.: pay rent & stay healthy). For those moments, I suggest you find a very simple and quick way to inspire yourself and keep your head in the inspiration game!

Here are a few things that I do to keep an inspired mind and heart:

  • Inspirational words : I have several books lying around my house in key places that I can pick up, open to a random page and read something that inspires me. (The books pictured above are a few of those... see below for info!)
  • Pictures & Ideas : Pinterest is used by a lot of people for various reasons. My wedding planner colleagues and I use it to create storyboards for our couples, my mom uses it to find ideas on how to help her occupational therapy clients, one friend used it to find ideas on remodeling his house and another friend uses it to fulfill a constant need for new shoes. It's a great resource for those of us who are more visual, that can lead us to answers and ideas.
  • Local community : Surrounding myself with people who are living an inspired, creative life always pushes me to think about my next creative adventure. Finding those people in your own community, especially in DC, is absolutely wonderful! I often will go to one of the many local markets in DC (ex: DC MEET Market, Eastern Market, FRESHFarm Markets). I also try to keep up-to-date on local shows (Have you ever been to a free show at the Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage? Did you know that Shakespeare Theatre offers $18 tickets to the under 35 crowd? Not to mention the huge array of music venues available ranging from the iconic 9:30 Club, The Fillmore & the Birchmere, to the IOTA ClubBlack Cat and newer venues such as U Street Music Hall & Gypsy Sally's and TreeHouse Lounge). I also just go for a walk! DC's monuments and memorials never cease to fill me with a sense of awe or you can just pop in to any museum you want, whether you have five minutes or five hours!

What will inspire you today? Share your comments & favorite ways you stay inspired below!

xo, Sarah

Books pictured above are:

  1. "Feeling good: 100 ways to feel better every day", picked up at an old military conference from Military OneSource
  2. "Theories of Everything" by Brian Andreas, one of my favorite writers and artists. Find more on his website:
  3. "happy: secrets of happiness from the cultures of the world"  from Lonely Planet 
  4. "Inspiration" by Leonard Roy Frank, given to me as a gift years and years ago