Featured Vendor: Teak & Twine

Who is Teak + Twine?

Teak & Twine specializes in creating highly personalized, beautiful and on-brand gift boxes for client gifting, weddings, corporate gifting and special occasions.


Raising the bar on gift boxes that celebrate gratitude, personalize the client experience, and elevate brands. 

Words you live by: 

Gratitude changes everything....though "let's test some chocolate!" is a close second!!! 

Photo Credit:  Kaylie Poplin

Photo Credit: Kaylie Poplin

What are you ladies all about?! 

Our mission is to make gifting as easy as shopping on our beloved Amazon Prime, but as thoughtful and personalize as if you'd spent hours picking out something that was juuuuuust right! 'Cohesive' is a big deal for us; we work hard to pair together the most beautiful packed products from around the country to create color schemes and aesthetics that are on brand for our clients. Nor surprisingly, we also LOVE incorporating a surprise in each gift, like a detail the client wasn't expecting!

As a team of friends and girlbosses, we're also really into:

- Discovering amazing small makers and artists from around the country

Mentoring other military veterans and spouses to achieve their entrepreneurial goals

Supporting America's Vet Dogs in their mission to train service dogs for veterans with disabilities

Photo Credit:  Kaylie Poplin

Photo Credit: Kaylie Poplin

Who are your gifts for?

Our gifts are for anyone who wants to spread a little gratitude! We definitely love collaborating with creative entrepreneurs, design-driven companies and anyone with a love for beautiful packaging and carefully made products. Our goal is to support our clients by elevating their brands, helping entrepreneurs nail their client experience and making all our gift recipients feel loved and cared for! 

Why would Teak & Twine be perfect for my wedding day?

Wedding Party and wedding welcome gifts are some of our favorites to design! We love having the opportunity to get to know our couples and find fun ways to incorporate their personalities into their gifts! We want our gifts to add a personalized and unique touch to a couple's wedding day - it's a fun way to show your gratitude for your guests and help them feel a bit more included in the festivities! It also serves as a way to showcase the unique personality of each couple.

Photo Credit: Tec Peta Photo

Photo Credit: Tec Peta Photo

What makes for the perfect gift?!

We love for all our gifts to include these three things:

1. Something that can be enjoyed right away! There's nothing better than some immediate gratification, and we love getting photos from our clients where the chocolate bar or the gummy candies didn't quiiite make it to the photo!

2. Something they can keep- whether that's a leather keepsake, a candle, a mug - we love to include something in the gift that will bring back happy memories and a smile to the recipients face for the weeks and months to follow. 

3. A hand-written note! We can't say enough about the power of including a note- that is heartfelt and personalized. There's nothing better! 

Photo Credit:  Tec Peta Photo

Photo Credit: Tec Peta Photo

Client Gift

In addition to considering your brand and favorite items, think about your clients and what they love! Bonus points for including something that your clients have brought up with you in conversation. For example: include some Maine-made blueberry jam because you know that's where they met! These details won't be forgotten anytime soon! Of course, include a personalize, handwritten note - let them know that you took the time to think about them!

Photo Credit:  Tec Peta Photo

Photo Credit: Tec Peta Photo

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