There are many times during your wedding day when all eyes truly will be on your and your fiancé. One of those moments is the first dance. It's a special time, as you and your new spouse sway back and forth on the dance floor, as the soundtrack of your relationship plays.

However, as a wedding planner, I have seen that this important moment can often be filled with stress to pick the perfect song.

You may begin by asking the following questions:

How fast should the tempo be?

Should you go with a classic?

What about a new hit?

What message should it send?

What should it actually say?

But for same-sex couples, this task can be especially difficult. Once you stop and actually listen to the lyrics- many songs simply don't make the cut.

There seem to be endless options about the traditional girl-meets-boy romance but very few LGBTQ-friendly love songs.

So, let us ease some of your burden and give you some starting ideas!!

These are 12 amazing Equality- Minded first dance songs that have our seal of approval…

1. ”You Are The Best Thing," by Ray LaMontagne

2. "First Day of My Life," by Bright Eyes

3. "All of Me," by John Legend

4. "Exception," by Paramore

5. "Thinking Out Loud," by Ed Sheeran

6. "How Long Will I Love You," by Ellie Goulding

7. "At Last," by Etta James

8. "Fly Me To The Moon," by Frank Sinatra

9. "Make You Feel My Love," by Adele

10. "The Nearness of You," by Norah Jones

11. “Love Someone,” by Jason Mraz

12. “I Choose You,” by Sara Bareilles

Do you have any other equality-minded first dance songs to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

And remember, Love is Love. 

xo, Sarah

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