Booking a venue should be the first wedding planning task you accomplish after finishing your guest list and setting your budget. Since your venue can determine everything from your date to your vendors, it’s important to secure it before anything else. When looking for the ideal venue, of course you’ll need to consider if it’s large enough to accommodate all of your guests, if it fits within budget and if it’s available on one of your idea dates. But, here are five more things you should also be considering in your decision.

How far is it from the closest hotel? Having a hotel close by for out of town guests will make it easier for them to find their way to and from your venue. While this shouldn’t be your deciding factor, you may want to consider booking transportation if your hotel room block isn’t nearby.

What is included in the rental rate? Each venue is different when it comes to what is included in the rental rate. Ask the venue for a list of items including quantities of tables, chairs, linens and any other items they might provide. It’s important to take into consideration the items you’ll have to rent from a third party before making your decision.

Do they have preferred or exclusive vendors? Some venues will allow you to use the licensed and insured vendors of your choice, while others will have preferred or exclusive vendors you’re required to use. Before booking a venue with preferred or exclusive vendors, you’ll want to make sure those vendors can meet your expectations in terms of style, level of service, and budget.

Is there a space on site to get ready? Just like the hotel, this shouldn’t be your deciding factor. However, it is something you should be aware of from the beginning. If there isn’t a room on site, you will need to book an alternative and arrange for transportation for yourself to and from the venue.

If it’s an outdoor space, is there a back up room in case of rain? If there’s a place indoors you can move the entire wedding to, that’s awesome. If not, find out what size tent will fit on the property to ensure you’ll have ample covered space for your guests to celebrate.

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