In today’s day and age many couples already live together or own a home when they get married. Because of this, they often don’t need a traditional registry. However, we still encourage every couple to create some kind of registry for their big day. With many options out there for creating the perfect one for you, here are five things you need to know when doing so.

#1 - Get creative. While registries in the past have been filled with household goods and everything you would need to establish a home with your new partner, you might not need those things. Get creative with your registry including options like charitable donations or experiences you can share together to create new memories as a married couple.

#2 - Provide variety. Variety with your registry is key. You’ll want to be sure you have options from different categories like household goods, hobby items and even travel necessities, from a couple different places at varying price points.

#3 - Think about the future. When creating your registry don’t just think about the items you need right now. Think about the things you’ll need when hosting the holidays for the first time or setting up the patio at your first home together. While you might not need them in this very moment, you’ll be grateful you have them after the big day.

#4 - Keep it fun. Your registry doesn’t only have to include things like bath towels and kitchen utensils. Add options like outdoor games, hobby items, or the tools you’d need to learn something new together.

#5 - Have more than one. People tend to buy the items on registries that they would want to receive themselves or was a favorite gift they received at their own wedding. Having more than one gives your guests plenty of options to find a gift they want to give you at their price point.


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