Your wedding is about you and your fiancé(e). It’s about the love you share for each other, the path that got you here and the future you’re starting together. And, your day should be a reflection of that.

As I noted in my 2018 wedding trends post, this year is all about more intimate and personal weddings. While I’ve always incorporated details that are unique to each client, I’m excited that more couples are interested in designing a wedding that speaks to them.

Creating a wedding that’s uniquely you is easier than you might think. Don’t overthink it, stay true to who you are and let these four things influence each element of your big day.

Incorporate Details of Your Love Story - One of my favorite ways to make any wedding feel more personal is to incorporate details of your love story. Your first date, the first place you said I love you, where you got engaged, and your favorite activity to do together are great places to look for inspiration when it comes to your wedding.

Include the Most Important People in Your Life Regardless of Who They Are - Don’t feel bound by what’s normal or done by everybody else. Regardless of who the person is, if they’re important to you, they should be included in your big day. Whether you have your grandmother serve as your maid of honor of your dog as the ring bearer, it gives your day that much more meaning when those people play an intricate part of your wedding.

Choose Details That Have Significance or Meaning - Maybe it’s your grandparents’ cake topper, the date you first met or the pair of earrings your dad gave you for your 18th birthday, choosing details with meaning make your day that much more special. Incorporating these details when and where you can, will give you wedding that truly speaks to where you came from and where you’re going.

Ignore Traditions and Trends That Don’t Suit Your Personalities - Just because something is on trend this year doesn’t mean you have to have it at your wedding. If you wouldn’t eat it, wear it or decorate with it any other day of the year, it’s probably a good indication that you shouldn’t have it at your wedding. For a truly personal day, you have to stay true to who you are and ignore the rest.

How do you plan to make your day personal? What details from your love story are you incorporating? I’d love to hear your idea in the comments.


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