Your big day is meant to be a celebration with all your friends and family in attendance. But, sometimes not all of your loved ones can physically be in attendance. If you’ve had a parent or loved one who has passed, you can often feel like something is missing from your day. Instead of longing for their presence, honor them in one of these special ways so you can feel like their right there with you.

Wear their wedding ring. There’s nothing more special than wearing the same wedding ring your relative wore for all of those years. Allow their ring to become a true heirloom by wearing it during your marriage and passing it down to your children for their wedding one day.

Play their favorite song. Did this person have a song that always made them want to dance? Have your band or DJ explain its significance and invite all guests to join you on the dance floor in their memory.

Serve one of their recipes. If your relative made your favorite recipe why not serve it? Ask your baker or caterer if they can create a similar dish to serve to your guests. Include a sign explaining why you chose this item so your guests can understand its importance.

Sew a piece of their clothing into your attire. It doesn’t have to be promenite, but sewing a piece of his or her clothing that they use to wear all the time into the lining of your attire is a subtle way to carry a piece of your relative with you on your day.

Incorporate their favorite quote, saying or reading into your ceremony. Whether it be into your vows or a reading done by your officiant, infusing your loved ones favorite words into your ceremony adds a personal and meaningful touch.

Reserve a chair in their honor. If you’re really wishing this person could be with you on your big day, consider reserving a chair at the ceremony, reception or both in their honor. You could include a picture or a simple sign showing it’s reserved for those who have passed.

Use an element from their wedding in yours. There’s a good chance your passed relatives held onto certain elements from their own wedding. Incorporating details like their cake topper, toasting flutes, cake cutting set or even attire is a nice way to honor your relatives and showcase a family heirloom.

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