Photographers and planners alike get so many questions from our couples about their engagement photos, and for good reason! Sometimes an engagement photo session is the first time the couple has had professional photos taken together and about 50% of the time, they want to use those photos for either save the date, their wedding website or other wedding gifts/keepsakes such as a signing book or guestbook.

So this week I'm bringing you a special SPE blog edition from Washington DC based photographer Clarissa Villondo of Karlin Villondo Photography. Clarissa shares with us her most frequently asked questions and some tips so you can kick ass at engagement photos. 

[all photos courtesy of Karlin Villondo Photograhy]

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Keep in mind that a lot of photographers include an engagement session in their wedding packages - and for good reason. As Clarissa says, "It gives us a chance to help you be less camera shy and gives you a chance to see how we'll during at your wedding." I encourage all my couples to take advantage of their engagement session and find that the couples that do end up much happier with their wedding photos. 

Now here's Clarissa:

Should we do an engagement session?

We're obviously biased when we say this, but YES, YOU SHOULD. First of all, it helps you get used to being in front of a camera. It will also help prepare you for how your photographer will work on your wedding. We all get a feel for each other so that we're comfortable and especially so that you can be yourselves in front of the camera.

Most of our couples end up printing their engagement photos to display at their rehearsal dinner or on their wedding day. (Professional pictures print way better than iPhone selfies you guys.)

Where should we go?

When we first meet you, one of the things we'll ask is what you like to do as a couple. For our engagement sessions, we typically take you two on a date where you're doing something you bond over. For some couple's, it's hiking.

hiking engagement photos engagement photography washington dc wedding planner sincerely pete

For others, the place where where you got engaged.

woods forest engagement photography washington dc wedding planner sincerely pete

Another couple went on a date around Annapolis.

annapolis engagement photography washington dc wedding planner sincerely pete

If both of you like the activity or the place, you're going to be more relaxed and forget how camera shy you might be. Plus, there's already built-in meaning which makes them that much more special!

What should we wear?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. We also recommend earth tone colors and clothes without large logos or sayings. Do you have an outfit you absolutely love? Wear that.

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We also recommend wearing an outfit that makes sense for the activity. If we're going hiking, please don't wear heels - we don't want you breaking an ankle! If you're going on a date around town, by all means, wear your heels.

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We just can't pick one - can we have multiple outfits?

Definitely. We'll have to find a place for you to change, but we'll definitely be open to you changing. It gives you different looks for the day. Keep in mind though, it's generally a two hour session, so don't bring your entire wardrobe. Bringing scarves, jackets, hats, jewelry, different tie choices and different pairs of shoes are always helpful and an easy way to create different looks.


Should I get my makeup and hair done?

This is up to you. A lot of clients will try to book their trial session for makeup and hair on the same morning as the engagement session. Sometimes this isn't as easy as it seems because great photos happen at sunrise and that makes for a very early morning! 

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Karlin Villondo Photography is co-owned by Nicholas Karlin and Clarissa Villondo, wedding and editorial photographers in Washington, DC. They shoot weddings like photojournalists with both digital cameras and film. 

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