Today I'm pleased to introduce you to my favorite men's personal stylist and custom fit expert, Kerilynn Vigneau of luxury clothier J.Hilburn

When thinking about wedding day attire, many of my grooms have the rent or buy debate. I love having Kerilynn come to them to talk shop through these concerns. I've been in consultations with her and I've seen some dapper grooms walk down the aisle in the suit she helped them create and it's impressive from start to finish. 

I asked Kerilynn to sit down with me and tell me a little bit more about J.Hilburn and custom suits. Here's how it went: 

SP: What makes you unique in the suit business?

KV: I’m offering my clients a better fit in designer quality fabrics. I think the best part is since I’m not having to pay for a brick & mortar or inventory, my overhead is low and client sees those savings. Also, we live in a time where more consumers are paying for “luxury experiences” and less on “luxury products.” I’m creating and providing that above-and-beyond service they want but also giving them a product they will love.

jhilburn custom suits bold blue suit for groom

SP: What is your favorite part of your job or the process of working with a client for their wedding?

KV: I truly love helping men design their suits from head to toe. We pick out all the details together - all the way down to picking the color of the buttons and the stitching on their lapel notch!

If I am being really honest though, my favorite part in when I deliver the suit and shirt and the groom puts it on for the first time. They always light up and say they never thought a suit could make them feel and look so good. When their partner sees their soon-to-be-husband in a good fitting suit and shirt, let’s just say there are fireworks.

SP: What do you see as a someone's biggest fear or obstacle when it comes to choosing their suit?

KV: I find that most clients tend to have a hard time seeing the swatch and putting it together in their head as a full suit or shirt. Many start out nervous wondering if a certain plaid will be too “loud”, or a contrast stitch on a button won’t be dressy enough.

The best part is that since I have a degree in design and have been in the fashion world for over 10 years, I know with complete certainty what will look amazing (or terrible) and I make sure to guide them down the right path. No powder blue ruffle tuxedos in any of my client’s closets!

A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.
— Kerilynn Vigneau

SP: What wedding or event trends do you currently love in regards to suits and attire?

KV: I love love love that fact that guys are doing bright blues in suits and adding contrast stitching to their lapels and buttons! I've also been seeing more guys adding pocket squares to their jackets which can tie into the wedding colors or just show off the groom's personality!

j.hilburn mens personal stylist wedding attire for grooms


SP: What did the groom forget to ask at the last place he shopped?

KV: In the men’s clothing world, there are options popping up everywhere in every platform imaginable. Couples need to take into account more than just price nowadays. I recommend to all couples who are “shopping” out options to keep in mind the turn-around time of suits and shirts, as well as quality.

Another detail a lot of couples tend to forget in the shuffle is what happens if the suit and shirt come in and they aren’t the ideal fit, will the company handle it or does it fall to the client? When working in custom there are a few fittings which I always let my couples know and will handle those changes free of charge until we get it right.

SP: Parting advice for our suit hounds out there? 

KV: Think of this suit as an investment! Most young couples want to skimp and go rental to save money, but honestly, you are really wasting that money. A custom suit that fits you well can be used for future events, maybe even future job interviews, or a friends upcoming weddings. A rental has been some other guys wedding suit who knows how many times... Not exactly special.

Lastly, just think how great your wedding photos (which I’m sure you put a lot of your budget into) will look when pants that are pooling around feet and sleeves aren't hanging down to knuckles. You'll have to look at that mess for the rest of your life. A good fitting suit matters!

j.hilburn mens personal stylist kerilynn vigneau discusses wedding attire for grooms

SP: Last but not least, the important stuff - If you were a beverage, what would you be?

KV: Whiskey & Coke – I may be sweet but I pack a punch!

photo by  Tina Krohn

photo by Tina Krohn

Kerilynn Vigneau is a men’s custom stylist with luxury clothier J.Hilburn. She offers men a better option to how they buy clothing and brings them luxury service minus the luxury price tag in custom shirting, suiting, and anywhere from casual to formal wear. Let Kerilynn take away the headache of having to drive to stores to find clothes that fit - she'll come to your office or home. Interested in setting up an appointment with Kerilynn or want to learn more about becoming a consultant with J.Hilburn? Email Kerilynn at kerilynn.vigneau at and visit her website by clicking here.


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