For years, weddings have followed trend and focused on farm to table when it comes to their food and even craft cocktails. We’ve put an emphasis on locally grown and sourced goods that have brought a more personal and unique touch to every wedding. Now, that trend is finally extending to florals.

Flowers can be a major element of every wedding. However, until now most blooms were flown in from varying parts of the country, or even world. While many florists still utilize this traditional method for sourcing their flowers, one of our favorite local florists is opting to stay local and the result is spectacular. I’m excited to introduce her to you today and let her tell you more about why choosing to go with field to vase flowers will create results beyond your wildest dreams. Take it away Haley!

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Tell us about yourself and Cedar and Lime Co. Hi! I'm Haley Tobias, a Virginia, Maryland, and DC wedding florist, and the creator of Cedar and Lime Co. I specialize in field to vase flowers and being the mama of two adorable small children. The many loves of my life include my family, dancing, reading, and of course, flowers. I can often be found at antique and thrift stores searching for my next little treasure, usually in the form of a vase I hope to use at a wedding or event someday. Bespoke pottery is my current weakness. I love to eat all types of foods, especially Korean food and cheese, though not at the same time. With a background in ballet and modern dance, my floral arrangements tend to take on a soft, flowing aesthetic. I love to use lots of bright colors and unexpected, textural elements like berries, flower pods, and more in my arrangements.

What makes you unique as a florist? We are committed to providing our couples' with the best possible flowers, and to us, that means locally grown. Whenever possible, we use fresh, seasonal, local flowers for our arrangements. We are able to provide our couples' with gorgeous, environmentally and socially conscious floral designs, while promoting and supporting a more sustainable floral industry. The versatility of local flowers, foliage, berries, herbs, and more provides endless possibilities for bringing our couples' unique event to life. We love incorporating color, texture, and fragrance into each arrangement.

What is your favorite part of a wedding or your favorite type of arrangement to create? My favorite part of a wedding is delivering the bridal bouquet(s). I usually deliver the bouquets when the bride(s) are in some stage of getting ready and it is so exciting to be a part of pulling their look together. I love getting to see how our piece fits into the puzzle, along with the hair, makeup, dress, and everything else that goes into it. It’s also such a treat to see their reaction to the bouquet that has been made especially for them!

What do you think are the top 3 questions couples should ask when they are considering you as their florist?

1. Why is it important to use local flowers?

2. What does having a local flower wedding look like?

3. What inspires you to create unique pieces?

What do you see as a couple's biggest fear when it comes to choosing their florist? A couple's biggest fear would be making the right decision. The flowers are such a vital piece to the overall look of an event, and it’s important to choose a florist that understands you and your style. In the end, it comes down to trusting your floral designer, and that can be scary when it’s for the biggest day in your life!

What wedding or event trends do you currently love in reference to floral design? Since we're currently in the thick of cold weather here in DC, I'm all about the dead things. As a florist, I find myself looking at each and every plant I pass, and finding interesting and new pieces in the winter can be challenging. Once you know where to look though, beauty abounds. Dried grasses, seed pods, evergreens and their berries, are all so beautiful and have so much to offer!

If you were a beverage, what would you be? Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Any other advice for couples considering different florists for their wedding? Find a florist you can trust, and then trust your florist! Once you've presented your ideas to your florist and have brainstormed together, let go. Trust that they will execute your vision and give you a day you'll love. We want to create beautiful pieces that breathe live into your event, so pick a florist you can trust to do that!

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