There's not another day in your life that will be photographed, captured and remembered as much as your wedding day. Look your best with the help of a professional makeup artist!

I sat down with Rachel Lane of Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry to get some tips for my own wedding & I'm sharing her secrets and advice with you today!

Rachel Lane is a freelance makeup artist based out of Washington, D.C. She specializes in bridal, editorial and fashion beauty/grooming.

Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry  Website:  Instagram:  @rachellanemakeup  Facebook:  Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry

Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry
Instagram: @rachellanemakeup
Facebook: Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry

 Sincerely Pete Events:

How did you get into the makeup business and how long have you been doing it professionally?

Rachel Lane, MUA:
Artistry has been knocking on my door and drawing me nearer since I can remember via my love for beauty, creating and fashion. As a child, I played dress up and created fashion shows. As a teen and into adulthood, I would do my friends' makeup for dates and costume parties.

I'd say my first taste of the artist life was when I started volunteering my time as a makeup artist for Help Portrait Baltimore 5 years ago, however, it wasn't until 3 years ago that I was finally in a place to pursue it as a career. My loving fiance encouraged me to pursue my passion after I was laid off from an administrative role and had been searching for a job for several months. I looked within and finally found my true self. I haven't looked back since!

Where did you train and/or from whom did you learn your craft?

I am privileged to have been under the tutelage of:
Emmy Award winning makeup artist | Kevin James Bennett
Makeup artist and beauty editor | Jamie Dorman
Astonish Magazine’s beauty editor and celebrity makeup artist | Ashley Gomila
Veteran editorial and internationally known hairstylist | Gwendolyn Sneed

As my craft grows and evolves, I supplement it with continued education because if you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing.

Describe your approach to bridal makeup.


My approach to bridal beauty isn't very different from my general approach to makeup or beauty. I like to allow my client's natural beauty to shine through the makeup I apply. Most brides want to look like an elevated version of themselves on their wedding day. I suggest to keep it natural or choose one point of focus for the drama you're craving.

I like to choose a dramatic eye or a bold lip, depending on my clients attributes and taste. If my bride wants her eyes to be the focus (like we did with Sarah), I'll give her a nude or soft mauve lip. If she'd rather the focus be on her lips, I tend to keep her eyes more natural.

My "Before" & "After" pictures from my makeover with Rachel Lane.

My "Before" & "After" pictures from my makeover with Rachel Lane.

Rachel gave me a makeover using some of the products below and gave suggestions for alternate products depending on your skin-type:


Make Up For Ever:
Face & Body for light to build-able, waterproof coverage or
Ultra HD for medium to build-able coverage that still looks natural.  

Fair-Medium: MAC Cream Blush in Have A Lovely Day!
Medium-Dark: MAC Cream Blush in Out For Fun

Tartelette Palette - I recommend this palette to EVERYONE! You can create looks ranging from natural-dramatic, by simply building up your product. All of the shadows in this palette are matte and made of Amazonian clay which blends beautifully and is great for your skin! Tarte is a woman owned company and gives back by supporting cooperatives in the rainforest, contributing donations to women's health organizations, being kind to animals (did I mention Tarte is a cruelty-free company?!), and developing eco-friendly & health programs.

Stila in Kitten - This little pop of shimmer on the middle of Sarah's lid and in the inner corner of her eye helps draw attention to her gorgeous blue eyes.

We chose a mauvey-nude lip for Sarah's (fair) look, but not all nudes are created equal so I'm including 2 other options. We used a shimmery lip gloss over the liquid matte product to give her lips more of a satin finish.
Fair - Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lippie in Midi
Medium - Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lippie in Trap
Dark - Colour Pop Ultra Matte in Solow

How should couple's prep their skin for makeup or grooming?

I see so many people jump on the fitness wagon immediately after getting engaged, which makes sense. Your health is key and being healthy certainly makes a difference in your overall appearance, but I'd add that a proper skincare plan is just as important! If you are dealing with skin issues you should address them with an esthetician so you're able to prepare a proper plan. I recommend seeing your esthetician at least 6 months before your wedding.  

Having your eyebrows shaped before your wedding is another important step in preparing your skin for your bridal makeup. I recommend having your brows done at least 3-5 days prior to your wedding day so any redness, swelling, or irritation that may occur will have time to calm and subside.

Now that everyone sees how amazing you are (reference the before and after above), how far in advance do you recommend booking and doing a makeup trial?

Booking: I recommend researching and contacting artists regarding their availability at least 6-8 months out. This is especially true if your wedding date falls between peak wedding season months. Typically the peak season is June-September, however, each region's climate determines its season.

Reasonably priced, well recommended artists book up fast. Sometimes even a year (or more) in advance! It's always a good idea to book/contract early. You'll be booking someone you like, versus whoever is available AND you're locking in that artist's current rates...for next year!

Trials or Previews: Previews are best done at least 3 months before the wedding.

Any tips for the DIY Bride?

1. Flashback: Do NOT use SPF on your wedding day. I know, it's a little sacrilege as far as skincare goes, so let me break this down: sunscreen is the leading cause for what's called flashback. Flashback may not occur during your ceremony if it’s outdoors, however, around reception-o-clock, your photographer is going to bust out their handy flash and pop it onto their camera. All of a sudden you'll look like a ghost in your own wedding images! I mentioned matte shadows with a
pop of shimmer (keyword: pop) for your eyes. Please don't overdo the shimmer, friends, it's the second biggest flashback culprit in photography.

2. Keep It Classy (or in this case, classic): Stay away from trends as they will date your wedding photos quicker than you can say 90s micro-brows!

3. Practice: Practice, practice, practice...Please, don't go out and buy all of the products and  then wait until the night before (or the day of!) your wedding to apply them.

4. Schedule a makeup lesson with a pro who can make suggestions for your skin-type, show you tips on using products properly and ways to put your best face forward!

Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry
Instagram: @rachellanemakeup
Facebook: Rachel Lane Makeup Artistry


Model: Kandace Banks or Lauren Bartlett
Stylist: Ashley Duffy Grant of Gypsy De La Lune/The Vintage Vagabond
Photo/Post: Christopher Langford Photography
Florist: Michelle Samson of Taffy Floral



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