No image captures the spirit of celebration on your wedding day more than a grand exit. The playful image of your guests having fun surrounding  you and your partner smiling from ear to ear as you embark on married life is a shot you’ll want to frame. Your grand exit is an idea place to show some personality and have guests send you off in style.

While the most common grand exit takes place after the reception, you can also get the same effect by capturing the moment as you leave the ceremony. By doing this, all your guests can be in the shot and you have more options. Seven of our favorite ideas, regardless of when you do your grand exit, are...

#1 - Flower Confetti - Have your florist save petals from the flowers being used in your bouquets and arrangements and place them in individual cones. As you walk back up the aisle guests can toss them in the air making for one stunning picture.

#2 - LED Balloons - LED balloons are a great post reception send off option if you’re looking for something besides sparklers. With many light options you can get them to match your wedding or stick to classic white lights. Just make sure your guests don’t release them after you walk by!

#3 - PomPoms - PomPoms are a spirited send off option. While you can have them made in custom colors to match your wedding, you could also do them in your team’s colors to show some pride. Live in a house divided? Order pompoms in you and your partner’s team colors and let guests choose which they want to shake!

#4 - Glow Sticks - These are another fun post reception idea. Opt for the necklace length and have guests wave them in the air as you exit. Plus, they can wear them post send off at your after party.

#5 - Bubbles - Who didn’t love blowing bubbles as a kid? Lay a mini bottle of bubbles on each guests seat and ask them to blow in celebration as you’re walking back up the aisle. As an added bonus, the extra bottles will be great for entertaining kids during cocktail hour and the reception.

#6 - Paper Flags - This ceremony exit option creates one of the best pictures. While you could opt for a plain flag in your wedding colors, you can also have them custom printed with the words of your choosing. Some of our favorite options include “Yay!” and “Cheers!”. This is also a great place to add phrase that might have particular meaning to you.

#7 - Noise Makers - You won’t need a ceremony exit song with this option. Things like maracas, kazoos, and mini tambourines are great and can be customized to match your wedding colors and theme.

What are you doing for your grand exit? Will you do it after the ceremony or the reception?

Grand Exit.jpg

Photographer credit Finn Lively Photography

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