Your wedding is one day in your life you can’t do over. The smiles of your guests, the joy on your fiancé’s face when you walk down the aisle, the happy tears your mom cries during the ceremony, these are all moments you can’t recreate. It’s the reason hiring a great professional photographer should be a priority for every couple.

While a solo photographer can handle your wedding on their own, hiring a second photographer that works along side your primary one is always encouraged and here’s why.

#1 - They can be in two different places at the same time. There are many moments on your wedding day that will happen simultaneously. Even with an expertly crafted timeline, a single photographer can’t be in two places at once. While your primary photographer is capturing you getting ready, a second shooter can be with your fiance. While your primary photographer shoots post-ceremony pictures, your second shooter is capturing every moment of cocktail hour. Having a second shooter ensures that every moment of your big day is covered from getting ready to grand exit.   

#2 - They can cover different angles. One of the major benefits of having a second photographer is that they can capture the same moment as your primary but from a different angle. While your primary photographer might focus on the two of you during the vows, a second photographer can capture your guests or a wider angle of your ceremony.

#3 - The can capture more candid moments. There will be a lot of candid and special moments that take place on your wedding day. They are often unplanned and truly priceless encounters that happen in the blink of an eye. With two photographers, they’re able to capture more of these moments that you’ll cherish forever.

#4 - There will always be a back-up. Sometimes the unthinkable happens. What if your photographer gets sick or has a family emergency and can’t make it? You already have another photographer booked. What if their gear breaks? While they switch out their camera for a back-up, your second shooter can keep capturing your day. What if the memory card is corrupt? You’ll have all the images from the second photographers card. While these things rarely happen, isn’t it nice to know you have a built in solution in case one of them does?

#5 - They offer a different perspective on your day. No two photographers tell the story of your wedding in the same way. With two photographers, you’re getting two different but equally as beautiful perspectives to remember your day by.

Second Photographer.jpg

Photographer credit Melissa Durham Photography

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