Brett Denfeld - psst- she's a girl Brett - of Brett Denfeld Photography is a full-time portrait and wedding photographer based in Northern Virginia and available for travel anywhere. 

Brett first picked up a camera at age 15 and hasn't set it down since. Learn more about her and wedding photography below. 

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What makes you unique as a photographer?

I aim to be myself online as much as I can so that when my clients meet me, they already feel like they know me. I'm all about making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and helping them fall into "poses" naturally instead of forcing everyone into the same poses or telling them what to do. I know it can be intimidating to have your picture taken so I try to make my sessions feel like we're just hanging out, laughing, and then taking pictures. The best compliment I can get is a shy client saying they actually had fun. WIN WIN! 

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What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

Oh boy. Can I say the whole thing? That's probably cheating. I think my favorite part would have to be portraits. I love seeing the reactions between the couple - the biggest smiles ever and sometimes a tear or two. A close second would be first dances. I'm lucky I get to hide behind the camera because I'm always on the verge of crying... lyrics get me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
— Eleanor Roosevelt
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What are the top 3 questions couples should ask when they are considering you as their photographer?

1.  It's not really a question but rather a statement - Clients should be sure of the style that they like and want before booking their photographer. There are SO many styles out there from light & airy to dark & moody. Be sure to check out their website, galleries, and Instagram. A photographers style is what you're going to get so be sure you like it before booking - it saves everyone from awkward conversations. Choosing the right photographer is a benefit for BOTH client and photographer. 

2.  Ask me to review your timeline. Some couples think they need extra hours when they can really fit everything into the standard 8 hours!

3. Ask me about my experiences with other vendors! I work with a lot of different people and am happy to talk to you about them!

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What do you see as a couple's biggest fear when it comes to their wedding photos?

Getting everything they want.

I emphasize the importance of having a list of their VIP guests - family, friends, etc. sent in advance. I ask every client to send me a family group list and secondary group list - ie. cousins, college friends, etc. I WILL get every group you ask for. Though I might not be able to get every group in the allotted amount set aside for formals, I can get the rest of the groups on the dance floor... All I need to do is have the DJ make an announcement!

I think the biggest thing clients do is say "I'm good. I don't need any more photos" and then they regret it later. TRUST ME - you want that photo of you and your cousins that you asked for initially... because you can't go back in time and do it again!

I try to set the expectations upfront about group photos so that they think of it beforehand rather than trying to remember if they got everything they wanted when the wedding day arrives - it's natural to forget things on a busy day!

Do one thing everyday that scares you.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

What wedding or event trends do you currently love?

GREENERY! I love greenery in bouquets and the simple garlands on "naked" wood wedding tables. The natural look is so pretty to me... If you couldn't tell -- the "BD" in my logo design is in the middle of a boxwood wreath! 

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If you were a beverage, what would you be?

This one gets me because I'm so indecisive. I just turned 28 so things get better with age right? like a good glass Cab Franc... OR I could be a RedEye from Starbucks - coffee with espresso because you need me to survive and with all that caffeine I'll never stop talking. You'll never believe that I used to be the super shy kid in school.

Any other advice for couples considering photographers for their wedding?

Ask questions! No question is dumb. That sounds like a normal thing to say - BUT - I've talked to couples who were "nervous" to ask things. It's best to be open and get all of the information you need!

And use your photographer as a resource. That's what I tell all my couples! I want the wedding experience to be a good one and for them to feel like they have a friend in me! 

Yes, a girl Brett, who has an obsession with Europe, boxwoods, candles, and photography (obviously).

She's been "into photos" since she was 5, got her first "real life camera" when she was 15 and hasn't been able to put it down since. In 2015, she left her corporate job to become a full-time photographer.

She loves connecting with people, traveling to new places, capturing memories, and finding something to celebrate. Cheers!

Best known for: frequent winery visits, travel wish lists, and endless spotify playlists

For more of Brett, follow her on Instagram or visit her blog

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