Anytime we start talking about attire with our grooms, the subject of buying vs. renting comes up. Today, Kerilynn Vigneau, a men's personal stylist with J.Hilburn, offers her tips for why buying a custom wedding suit is better than renting. 

photography by  Nicole Colwell

photography by Nicole Colwell

1. Every man can use a suit in their closet.
There are so many instances in a guy’s life where he is going to need a well-fitting suit: interviews, weddings, charity events, work, reunions, etc. You will be so happy when that event comes up that all you have to worry about is if you have clean underwear. Grab and go. (And look fantastic!)

2. You're making an investment.
When you pay $100 to $300 to RENT a tux or suit, you are essentially throwing money away. Why pay money to wear a tux one time and send it back when you can invest in a suit that you can use over and over?

If you wear your custom purchased suit 3 times, you've made your money back!

3. You aren't the sloppy second (or third...)

Wait - how many sweaty guys have worn this suit before?? I think that says it all! 

Think about how much you sweat in your clothes... Now think about the 10 guys before you who also sweat that much during their weddings.

Enough said.

mens wedding attire custom suit by jhilburn

4.  Fit matters.
You know those wedding photos of that friend where the sleeves of the jacket are hanging to his knuckles and the hem of the pants is pooling around his shoes as he stands next to a beautiful bride who looks like she stepped out of a magazine?

Rented tuxes are meant to fit as many guys as possible, meaning they fit no one perfectly. Well fitted clothes not only make you look better but feel more confident.

Which brings me to my next reason…

custom mens wedding suit and wedding attire by jhilburn

5. It’s your day too!
Grooms deserve to look great on your wedding day. You will stand taller and feel like a million bucks in a suit that fits you and looks good! Everyone is going to say how great you look.

And those wedding photos you invested a large part of your wedding budget into? You'll truly feel like you got your moneys worth when you can't stop staring at yourself. 

“A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men” And let’s remember you want to impress that amazing bride of yours.

Photo by  Tina Krohn

Photo by Tina Krohn

Kerilynn Vigneau is a men’s custom stylist with luxury clothier J.Hilburn. She offers men a better option to how they buy clothing and brings them luxury service minus the luxury price tag in custom shirting, suiting, and anywhere from casual to formal wear. Let Kerilynn take away the headache of having to drive to stores to find clothes that fit - she'll come to your office or home. Interested in setting up an appointment with Kerilynn or want to learn more about becoming a consultant with J.Hilburn? Email Kerilynn at kerilynn.vigneau at and visit her website by clicking here.


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