We often hear that couples don’t feel a need to hire a videographer since they already have a photographer. While hiring an experienced and talented photographer should be at the top of your priority list, hiring an experienced and talented videographer should be just as high and here are five reasons why.

A videographer captures the candid moments. A video camera never stops rolling. While your photographer is prepared to snap the night away, he or she is not clicking every single moment. Your videographer’s camera never stops rolling meaning he or she is better able to capture the happy and personal candid moments throughout the night.

A videographer captures the words and emotion of your day. The sound of your fiancé’s voice as they read their vows. The words your best friend spoke during their speech. The way you floated around the dance floor during your first dance. Movement and sound evoke more emotion than a still image alone allowing you feel exactly how you felt that day over and over again.

A videographer allows you to soak in the moments you missed. With so much excitement in the air, you’re bound to miss something. Since the camera never stops rolling, your videographer is more likely to capture the touching and heartfelt moments that you missed.

A videographer allows you to relive your day over and over again. You’ve spend countless hours planning the perfect day for you and your fiance and it will all be over in the blink of an eye. Wouldn’t it be nice to relive and enjoy the day all over again whenever you want?

A videographer preserves the memory of loved ones who pass. Unfortunately, your friends and family won’t live forever. A video of your wedding will allow you to hear their voices, their laughter, see their mannerisms, and feel like they’re there with you for just one more minute.


Photographer credit Lissa Ryan Photography

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