Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether you surround yourself with sandy beaches, rows of vineyards, or snow capped mountains, mother nature can create a beautiful backdrop for your big day. When planning an outdoor wedding, there are a few special considerations you should make. Regardless of your setting, you’ll want to remember these tips.

#1 - Choose a month with mild temperatures. This will vary by location but think about the times you enjoying being outside the most and that’s a pretty good indicator of what will be comfortable for a wedding. Know that these times will be the most popular and you should consider booking early to ensure you have optimal weather.

#2 - Consider other weather factors as well. A certain month may have pleasant temperatures but other weather conditions should be a consideration as well. If you know a certain date falls within hurricane season or is prone to lots of rain or strong winds, you may want to consider other possible times of the year or have a backup plan in place.

#3 - Prepare for the unexpected. The outdoors can be unpredictable. Sometimes a month that has pleasant temperatures can be surprisingly cold or hot. If it’s looking like temperatures will be less than ideal, make sure guests stay comfortable by providing shaws to keep warm or fans to stay cool.

#4 - Plan for sound during the ceremony. With outdoor ceremonies, it can be harder for guests to hear. You’ll want to at least add a lapel microphone to your officiant so all your guests can hear you recite your vows.

#5 - Provide relief when needed. Simple things like having bug spray and bottled water on hand for guests goes a long way in making sure they’re comfortable and ready to celebrate all night.

#6 - Reserve a tent. For outdoor receptions, we always advise you reserve a tent. Not only does it help define the space but also provides relief from the direct sunlight for guests and vendors. Plus, you’re covered in the case of rain.

#7 - Host your ceremony in a shaded spot. Not only will it be more comfortable for you and your guests but your photos will turn out better if your photographer isn’t battling direct sunlight.

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Photographer credit Lissa Ryan Photography

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