Every aspect of a wedding is deeply rooted in tradition from white gowns to wedding parties to honeymoons and everything in between. But, not every wedding tradition is worth sticking to. Over the years, one of the most debated wedding traditions is to keep with the customary “‘til death do us part” or to write your own vows.


For some, saying the same words that generations before have promised to each other is important and meaningful. For others, creating your own unique set of promises to each other has more significance.

If you’ve been on the fence about writing your own vows, we’d like to present five reasons why you should…

#1 - It’s a reflection of your relationship - past, present and future. Writing your own vows allows you to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are right now and where you’re going as a couple. You can incorporate the moments that brought you to this occasion and your promises to each other as you grow individually and together.

#2 - You can speak from the heart. Instead of reciting words that may hold little significance for you, speak from the heart and share what you’re truly feeling as the two of you join your lives together.

#3 - It’s more meaningful. Because you’re creating vows that are personal to you, the relationship you have and the relationship you want, when life hits a speed bump you can reflect back and connect to promises you made to get you through. The promises you made to each other hold more meaning when you write them yourself.

#4 - It’s intimate. Hearing your partner share their hand written vows detailing your journey is a moment unlike any other. It creates a sense of intimacy inside this crazy day that just can’t be replicated.

#5 - Your guests will actually listen. When guests are used to hearing the same thing at every wedding they attend, they tend to tune it out and preoccupy themselves leaning into the aisles and snapping pics with their phones. However, when you write your own vows, guests put down the phones, listen and engage.

Do you plan on writing your own vows? Comment below and let me know!

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