I recently got to sit down with Marirosa Anderson, owner of Photography by Marirosa to talk about her photography business philosophies and some tips she has for couples when they start to think about their wedding photography. 

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SP: What is your wedding photography philosophy? 

MA: I believe that everyone has a story and as a photographer my goal is to document that story as it unfolds naturally on your wedding day. I love documenting moments in time that allow my couples to visit those memories throughout their future. 

SP: What makes you unique as a photographer?

MA: I strive to focus on my client's both as individuals as well as a couple. I want them to feel like they have a friend documenting their wedding day. I want them to feel like they trust in me and are able to truly live in the moment of their day without worries!  I bring my heart into every wedding I photograph and even after all my years in the industry, still feel so grateful when I'm chosen to photograph a wedding. 

Make sure you get along with your photographer. This person is going to be by your side most of your wedding day so you want to be sure you ‘click’ and feel comfortable around them!
— Marirosa Anderson

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SP: What is your favorite part of the wedding day? 

MA: This is such a tough question!!  If I were to pick just one part, I would say the recessional from the ceremony-  that moment they are first announced as married, share their first kiss and walk back down the aisle for the first time as a married couple. 

SP:  What do you think are the top questions couples should ask when looking for a wedding photographer?

MA: I believe couples should feel comfortable to ask anything that they would want to know - transparency is important to me when it comes to the wedding day.

1. What is your wedding day working style?
It's important to know ahead of the wedding what the photographer's working style is.  Are they really hands on or are they more of the type that takes a steps back?  For me personally, I see the wedding day as moments taking place that have to be allowed to unfold naturally. Working with my clients in a way they feel comfortable is essential. 

2. How long have you been a photographer and how many weddings have you photographed?
This is an important question as I want to be sure that my clients feel as though I have the experience they are looking for in their photographer. Experience can make a difference in knowing the wedding day flow and ensuring your photographer is going to be able to capture everything you want.

3. Have you worked at my venue? 
Knowing if a photographer has worked at your venue allows them to share past weddings they've done there or to open up a discussion on how excited I am to shoot at a new place!

4. What happens if something doesn't go as planned?
From a business perspective it's important to know what coverage and solutions your photographer has in place if the unforeseen occurs.  I want couples to know the systems I've put into place to secure their images, wedding day, etc. including equipment, insurance and coverage if an emergency occurs.

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SP: What do you see as a couple's biggest fear when it comes to their wedding photos?

MA: The biggest fear and concern is feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Most people are used to 'selfies' and phone photos, which are not always the best (both in quality and composition) but those photos are what most people see themselves in. Professional pictures are a whole different beast!

This is why an engagement session is so important. It allows for the couple to know how the photographer is behind the camera,  how everyone will work together, how to relax and also what they look like in professional photos. It's great for couples to see experience the interaction and makes the wedding day easier because they've done it before.

And I’d choose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality I’d find you and I’d choose you...
— The Chaos of Stars

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SP: What wedding or event trends do you currently love?

Each wedding is so different that I love to see the uniqueness of each couple.

I love the more 'family' style of receptions where there are longer farm tables with dishes being shared family style. It gives weddings such a different vibe!

I also love to see wedding photos from the couple's family members. It adds such a special touch to the celebration.

SP: My favorite question -  If you were a beverage, what would you be?  

MA: I would totally be a Mojito! A cute drink with a splash of lime and mint! Yum!!

Photo by  Kir2Ben

Photo by Kir2Ben

Marirosa Anderson is the own of Photography by Marirosa. Based in Reston, VA and photographing weddings all over Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland, she believes that everyone has a story.

She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and her first language is Spanish. She still loves all the salsa and merengue music!  She has a passion for traveling and lots of coffee! 

She says she feels very blessed to be chosen to tell the story of such an important day in a person's life. Nothing stops a moment in time like a photograph, allowing all those emotions to come rushing back!

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