Branding is a big buzz word these days and for good reason. Branding sets the first impression and creates the feelings around the branded element. This could be a company as  well as your event or wedding. 

Today, I'm sharing with you an interview with Johnna Hetrick who is the owner and designer at Twila & Co, a branding company that focuses on branding events (with invitations, day of details, graphics & more), branding businesses (with logos, website design, collateral & more) and branded paper goods and gift boxes. She says she loves the process of making things match and look pretty!

All photos courtesy of Twila & Co from Hope Taylor Photography.

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SP: What makes you unique as a branding & stationery company?

JH: My goal isn't just to create beautiful paper goods, but to serve my clients, especially couples or small businesses. I know wedding planning and building a business can be super stressful so I feel like it's my job to take some of that stress off of their plates by doing everything I can to help.

Whether it be wedding invitations, day of details, branding, stationery, or gift boxes, when my clients choose to work with me, I take care of all of the nitty gritty details and leave them with paper goods that represent their events or businesses.

SP: What is your favorite piece of paper for a wedding?

JH: I love watercolor maps. They are so fun to layout, each one is different, and it can add so much character and personality to an invitation suite. Plus, it's an awesome opportunity for me to get to know my couples.

twila and co watercolor branding wedding invitations

SP: What are three important things couples should take into consideration when thinking about their stationery and wedding branding?

JH:  Specialty printing- If you have something that you just HAVE to have, like gold foil or thermography or letterpress, be up front about it! Not all stationers offer all these very specialized printing options.

Last year, I had a couple get a full quote from me but then when we met in person, they dropped the bomb that they just had to have letterpress, which isn't something I offer.

Please be up front with us as to what you want! If we can't do it, we'll be honest and tell you, and can even send you to someone who does specialize in it.

Style and Theme of the wedding- Each stationer has their own specialty- some love watercolor, some are better with monograms, some do geometric and modern invites, etc. While each stationer could probably do whatever style you asked for, it's important to know what their skills are to ensure you're working with the person who will be able to best deliver what it is you are looking for.

Budget- Couples should know that some stationers have a minimum and keep that in mind along with their set budget. Invitation quotes are really hard to put together as there is no 'ballpark' number - each suite is so different.

In fact, one thing not to ask for from your stationer is 'a Ballpark Number.' Let your stationer know upfront what your budget is so they know either how they can help you or if maybe they are just not the right fit. 

twila and co branding wedding invitation suite

Find someone who fits you. Wedding stationery is the first impression you give your guests of the big day and you want it to represent you as a couple. Choose someone who you feel comfortable with and who understands your vision.
— Johnna Hetrick

SP: What do you think is a couple's biggest fear when it comes to choosing their stationery?

JH: I think it might be not getting what they paid for. If you decided to go with a larger company for invitations like or Wedding Paper Divas (not that there's anything wrong with them!), you may not know exactly what you're getting or how it will arrive to you.  

When you choose a custom or small business stationer, you aren't only paying for the paper goods but also the customer service that we provide. It's my job to ensure that you see a proof first to make sure that you're invitation is exactly what you want. It's my job to make sure all the colors are perfect and it prints exactly as you want it. It's also my job to manage any issues that happen during that process. 

twila and co destination wedding branding wedding invitations

SP: What wedding or event trends do you currently love?

JH: I love simplicity with touches of color or elegance that my couples have been asking for. I have a lot of couples choosing to do more simple paper pieces, but adding in beautiful colors or ribbons or monograms in the most elegant ways.

For example, one of my most recent suites had an invitation that was very simple and classic but it was matched with a silver scalloped mat on a dark purple pocket envelope. We did a custom monogram embosser and embossed the monogram on the flap of every pocket envelope. Even though it was very simple, it was so gorgeous in its richness.

SP: If you were a beverage, what would you be?

JH: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka - Iced tea is my favorite drink. It's classic and can be straight to the point or a little sweet (or perhaps somewhere in the middle) and the vodka adds a little element of fun.

twila and co branding wedding invitations

johnna hetrick owner of twila and co stationery and branding

Twila & Co is a branding company that focuses on branding events (with invitations, day of details, graphics & more), branding businesses (with logos, website design, collateral & more) and branded paper goods and gift boxes.

Owner, Johnna Hetrick, is also the owner of Love, ,Virginia Gift Boxes (formerly the 'Burg Box). You can also find some of her creations for purchase in her online shop here!

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