Over the last few years, we’ve seen weddings go from a one day affair to a weekend of celebratory events. One of the most popular wedding weekend events has been the post wedding brunch. Taking place the day after the wedding, hosting a brunch is a fun way to reminisce on the night before and get in a little more quality time with your guests.

However, hosting a post wedding brunch is not the right fit for every couple. Here are four things to consider when deciding if you should host a post wedding brunch.

You aren’t leaving right away for your honeymoon. If your flight doesn’t leave till later in the evening or even for a couple of days, then you have plenty of time for a post wedding brunch. It will be the perfect time to visit with friends and family you didn’t have a lot of time to talk to the night before while indulging in more delicious food.

You have a lot of out of town guests. Similar to a rehearsal dinner, brunch is typically reserved for out of town guests and your bridal party. If the majority of your guests are local, then there’s no need to host a brunch. However, if they’re in town just for your wedding, it’s a nice touch to close off your wedding weekend and spend more time together since you likely don’t see them often.

You have room in your budget. The number one thing you should consider is if you have room in your budget to cover the cost of a brunch. Like a rehearsal dinner, you shouldn’t invite guests to join you then expect them to cover their tab. If you don’t have room in the budget to cover the expenses, then you shouldn’t host a brunch.

Your guests are leaving right away. If your guests traveled by car, chances are they will hit the road early to head home. However, if they flew, they will probably have some time to spare the morning after your wedding. Do a quick survey of your out of town guests to get a feel for when everyone will be leaving to see if hosting a brunch makes sense for you.

Do you plan on hosting a post wedding brunch?

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