The concept seems simple. You take care of planning the wedding down to the smallest detail and you hire someone to show up the day of your wedding to execute it. While day of coordinators used to be common in the industry, today you’ll find very few, if any, wedding planners that still offer the service.

Day of service is invaluable to couples. However, over the years we have found that to truly execute a flawless wedding day, we need to devote more attention to our couples in the weeks leading up to their wedding. Today you are more likely to find a wedding management package, like ours, instead of a day of wedding coordinator and here’s why.

We’re more prepared. The key to running a successful event is being prepared. By stepping in six weeks from your wedding day, I have ample time to do just that. From confirming final details with your vendors to timeline and schematic creation, I can ensure that I know the responsibilities of each person and vendor involved in your wedding day.

There’s less confusion. By becoming the point of contact for your friends, family and vendors in the weeks leading up to your wedding, it also creates less confusion. During our meetings, I learn all there is to know about your big day - your vision, your intentions and your expectations. You can trust that I’m relaying each of these things to each person involved in your day. With all details coming from a single voice, the voice of your coordinator, you can rest assured everyone is on the same page.

You’re less stressed. Even though the big plans have been made, the weeks leading up to your wedding will be filled with hundreds of time consuming to-dos which can create unnecessary stress. Tasks like confirming arrival times, creating timelines, and drawing up schematics saves you valuable time allowing you to fully enjoy your last weeks of planning.

You’re less stressed. It may have already been mentioned, but it’s important to say again. When you have a professional on your team that’s prepared and knows the ins and outs of your wedding, your wedding day itself will be stress free. By coordinating the set-up, checking that vendors are fulfilling their responsibilities as discussed with you, managing day of transportation, overseeing your timeline and ensuring items are returned to the appropriate individuals at the end of the night allows you to be present and fully enjoy each moment of your day.

The main thing to note from all of this, is that a day of wedding coordinator simply shows up the morning of your wedding. He or she is not present at the rehearsal, has no contact with your vendors prior to set up and is not aware of your vision and expectations. It creates more stress for all parties involved. And, don’t you want your wedding day to truly be a joy filled experience?

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