By Emily Peters of Emily Alyssa Photography

You’re engaged - YAY! You’ve likely been dreaming about your wedding since you were little and can’t wait to celebrate such a special day! After putting so much care into choosing your attire, the invitations, the venue and all the other details, it’s so important that you capture all those memories.

That’s why I love being a wedding photographer! Knowing my couples will share their photos and albums with their children and grandchildren for generations to come makes my heart so happy. Because even if time will cause the memories to fade, the photos will always be there! 

So how can you ensure you get the wedding gallery of your dreams? I’m so glad you asked! Here are five tips to get you started. 


1. Choose a photographer whose style you absolutely adore.

This is a big one! If you don't love the style, you might find yourself disappointed with the results. The best way to avoid this is to look at portfolios during your search. When you're looking through their work, imagine yourself in that photo. Does the light, airy style suit you - or do you prefer dark and moody? Making sure both you and your fiancé(e) agree on the style is one of the best ways to ensure you'll be happy with your final photos.


2. Meet with your photographer before making a decision. 

You'll spend so much time together on your wedding day. So you want this person to feel more like a friend, and less like a stranger with a camera! The best way to see if you get along is to get together over a cup of coffee (or a mocha!) You can discuss your vision for the day, what you're looking for in a photographer and their shooting style. If your personalities click, and they offer everything you’re looking for, you’ve found the perfect match!


3. Pay attention to the timeline.

Every wedding day is unique, so you need to have this discussion ahead of time. I coordinate with your wedding planner and all of my couples with their timelines to make sure we capture the most important parts of the day at the best time possible. You would be surprised how much of a difference 15-minutes can make! 


4. Share any extra sentimental moments or details you’d like captured.

Your photographer will already know the flow of the wedding day, so the big moments are covered. But if you are adding any extra sentimental moments in the day, let them know ahead of time! This includes any small details like a family heirloom you might be pinning to your dress, a sentimental letter or a necklace that’s been passed down for generations. 


5. Say yes to golden hour portraits!

You know those beautiful, glowy photos that just look magical? They were most likely taken at golden hour - the hour right before sunset (or sunrise - but your wedding is probably in the evening)!! It is every photographer's dream to shoot at this time of day because the light is simply so beautiful! Even if you've already completed newlywed portraits, it's always worth stepping outside for five minutes to capture a few extra moments. It also gives you two some alone time - and what's more romantic than stealing away from your party to share a sunset kiss?


About Emily Alyssa Photography:

Emily Alyssa is a DC and Virginia-based wedding photographer. Her timeless,  elegant style is rooted in her photojournalism background, which helps her provide the perfect balance on your wedding day. The photojournalist side is ready for those spontaneous candids, but she provides just enough posing guidance to make you feel comfortable. Emily's previous career was a professional writer in the digital marketing world, so she loves sharing wedding advice on her blog. And in her spare time, you'll often find her sipping a mocha, cuddling with her dog Chewy and writing songs about life.

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